Communicates with you and your car

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FILLIE communicates with you and your car. FILLIE is not just an outlet, but an intelligent system. Once attached the power cord enables the system to communicate with your vehicle. The system first examines the type of battery your vehicle has installed. It determines on that basis how much power is required. The more power your vehicle can take, the more FILLIE will give. (with a maximum of 3 x 32 amps) FILLIE is automatically limited, so it will never deliver more electricity than you need: efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective.


Using the LED indicator FILLIE allows you to monitor the communication between FILLIE and your vehicle. The colour and the frequency of the blinking LED (or continuously ON) indicate the precise status.

Discreet charging at a glance

Within two hours the battery will be 80% charged


Each model comes standard with a capacity of 3 x 32 Amps. This is more than the average domestic electricity system can supply and more than most electric cars can take. Due to this excess of capacity, the actual charging time will always be optimal.


Of course, the situation may arise in the future that your new car requires less power. We have designed the charger to avoid the need to purchase a new charging station when your car is due for replacement. FILLIE is designed for the future!



At FILLIE we want to avoid unnecessary costs for our consumers and hence the data on consumption will never be shared with third parties. We call it; Discrete Charging.


In case of additional requirements – such as a seperate energy meter – we will can install those components safely and easily accessible in your existing electricity closet.



The electronic components inside FILLIE are all NEN-certified and they comply with all relevant European directives and standards.

FILLIE | Specifications

Example Type FLOOR – AC-WCD 1

  1. Reflector for indirect light
  2. AMMANU® Dynamic LED-light
  3. Aluminium cover plate with protective coating
  4. NEN-certified communication module
  5. LED-indication lamp
  6. Cover with integrated push button
  7. Ventilation system
  8. Solid aluminium frame


Seamless integration of the power connector, push button and LED-indication lamp


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