Quick and stylish Charging

Universal charging station for your electric car

We believe in a future with clean, electric transport but we don’t believe in having to visit charging stations on your way from A to B. We believe the best way of charging your vehicle is either at home or at your destination and that’s the reason we’ve developed the FILLIE Private Collection. It’s a combination of high-end design and innovative electronics to enable charging at your private property.


FILLIE is engineered from a design perspective. The goal was to create a design icon to compliment your residence and hence we are so proud with the international acknowledgement we have received from the Red Dot organisation; FILLIE is winner in the category ‘Product Design 2016’. We always knew the FILLIE was a real beauty and that’s now verified at an international level.

When designing FILLIE our main goal was to create a slim and elegant piece. This was a challenge. When one only uses components available in the market today the result would be a large, bulky, container. The components had to become smaller and still perfom to the highest level. Besides being a design showpiece we also wanted to rapidly charge the battery of your vehicle.


In order to meet this challenge FILLIE designed all components in-house. From software to hardware FILLIE now consists of custom made components exclusive to our brand and this is what makes FILLIE – in terms of design and technology – state-of-the-art.

Red Dot Design Award Winning EV Charging System

Dutch craftsmanship

We combine Dutch handcraft with ultramodern precision


FILLIE is manufactured exclusively from sustainable materials. No plastic caps, but pure aluminum. The CORE of FILLIE is constructed of anodized lightweight aluminum. The front and rear plate are treated with a weatherproof and impact-resistant coating which is also used in the luxury yacht industry and by adding a little grain to the treatment we have created a beautiful matte black finish. The frames of the WALL and FLOOR add-ons are lightweight solid aluminum and are presented in the same quality coating.


During the final stages of production a CNC milling machine is used for some elements. In this way we combine Dutch craftmanship with ultramodern precision. The best of both worlds!


Each FILLIE is unique to you, production only starts to order and with the utmost care and attentional to detail it is manually crafted in The Netherlands.